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Ok Guys... there is MK movement!!

It's been far too long, so we wanted to touch base with you and fill you
in on where MK's at.

First of all, apologies for the length of time the website's been under
construction, but hopefully you'll agree that it will have been worth the
wait. It will be back up by the end of this month, and will feature a new
look (including forums section), new pics and some new merch.

Most importantly, it will coincide with the worldwide on line release of
MK's new single (UK) HANKY PANKY! MK now has his own label - called
Mummy's Boy Records - and in true progressive MK style, the first track
will be released as a digital download. Links to purchase the track will
be on the new website.

As many of you know, we shot an amazing clip which will be serviced to TV
in mid-June. We'll be seeking your help around this time to vote for the
clip and the track on TV and radio, to help cement airplay.

There'll be an 18+ and an all ages launch for the clip & single in
Melbourne too! Dates as follows:

THURSDAY, JUNE 16 - Shake Some Action @ 161 (18+)
FRIDAY, JUNE 17 - EVs (all ages)

Stay tuned for national dates, later this year.

Meanwhile, check out the latest interview and very cute pics on

Thanks again for your patience and ongoing support of MK.


So there you go - get to those gigs - support MK! :D
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