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>.< I hate the internet sometimes...

Well this sucks. Looks like I won't be hanging around the forums anymore thanks to not being able to connect to the server. It's strange, with this new internet connection of mine, it won't load the website or any extension of it (including the forums). It loads just fine on my friend's internet, but not at all on mine. Keeps giving me an "page not found" in both mozilla and internet explorer. Even tried with safari on the iBook and it gives me the same thing. I tried tweaking all my settings and everything and still will not connect. So, if any of you geeks (or even non-geeks for that matter) have any idea of how to fix said matter, then please shoot me some ideas.

Personally... I think it's a problem with the .php scripts that doesn't allow my connection to actually make the connection... so yeah...........
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