Mystic (mystic_one) wrote in mandykane,

Hanky Panky Icons - Free for use

Hi all - very simple icons, but figured that if anyone wants to use them for their LJ or for forum images etc, feel free. They're by no means works of art and I've not really got huge amounts of time at the moment to remember how to make animated gifs or I would've done some animated ones, but I figure, any productive publicity has got to help out Mandy, so here's a token contribution.

I would prefer if you saved the image and hosted it in your own locations, but if you absolutely must link directly to the images below, just let me know out of courtesy in case I do something snotty like wipe my site contents without thinking one a rebuild lol

NB:The MK Logo is of course not mine, and has been copied from the Artillery section of Mandy's site. I am by no means claiming the logo art work to be my own.
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