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08:30am 21/05/2006
  Who went to the EP launch at the old Post office?
I did, it was great..
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05:44am 04/04/2006
mood: excited
Hey guys, don't forget the Murder In The Daylight EP is out on iTunes TODAY! It's only $7 or $1.69 for individual tracks. If you don't want to download it (and miss out on the bonus track Love My Way..!) the CD of the EP is out on the 8th of April (this Saturday!) so go out and buy it - would def. be under $10 wherever you buy it.

And hey, if you want to review it or remark about any of it, post in here! This community could use a bit of life, ok? ;P

Thanks guys,


ps. don't forget MK's Official Forum :)
10:03pm 26/02/2006
mood: indifferent
- Because nothing has been posted here much:


Both photos (c) Dallmeyer Pictures. (borrowed from MKs MySpace)

- Murder In The Daylight EP out April 8th!
- Keep up with whats happening at MKHQ Forum!
- Check out MK's MySpace to hear the sampler from the EP (featuring Glitch - written for MKs upcoming short film EleVate)

I guess that's it. Anyone else got anything to contribute? Post away! This is almost a dead community!! :(

- Mystik
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some icons..theyre ok 
11:06am 07/08/2005
mood: accomplished

hey...i solved my own problem...i amde icons....theyre not very good but theyre something..i was inspired by the ideas of some one in this community (the mannequin ball idea) and so i came up with these.feel free to borrow just remember to credit them. oh and please commenta dn let me know which ones u've taken or wat u think.

thank you



here's some hanky pankyCollapse )

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A proud mummy moment... 
01:48pm 18/07/2005
  As I was just telling glanconer, I had a lil proud moment this morning... .Zoe singing in the shower "Goin to the disco, goin to the disco, goin to the disco mum n daddy don't know"

The only worrying bit is sending her off to school this morning with her singing "I kissed every girl tonight..."
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some help 
12:15pm 15/07/2005
  hey can some one post some new pics of mk..or any pics of mk pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee..or icons..theyd be nice ...i'll love u guys forever

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Hanky Panky Icons - Free for use 
04:37pm 14/07/2005
  Hi all - very simple icons, but figured that if anyone wants to use them for their LJ or for forum images etc, feel free. They're by no means works of art and I've not really got huge amounts of time at the moment to remember how to make animated gifs or I would've done some animated ones, but I figure, any productive publicity has got to help out Mandy, so here's a token contribution.

I would prefer if you saved the image and hosted it in your own locations, but if you absolutely must link directly to the images below, just let me know out of courtesy in case I do something snotty like wipe my site contents without thinking one a rebuild lol

NB:The MK Logo is of course not mine, and has been copied from the Artillery section of Mandy's site. I am by no means claiming the logo art work to be my own.
>.< I hate the internet sometimes... 
10:52pm 06/06/2005
mood: annoyed
Well this sucks. Looks like I won't be hanging around the forums anymore thanks to not being able to connect to the mandykane.com server. It's strange, with this new internet connection of mine, it won't load the website or any extension of it (including the forums). It loads just fine on my friend's internet, but not at all on mine. Keeps giving me an "page not found" in both mozilla and internet explorer. Even tried with safari on the iBook and it gives me the same thing. I tried tweaking all my settings and everything and still will not connect. So, if any of you geeks (or even non-geeks for that matter) have any idea of how to fix said matter, then please shoot me some ideas.

Personally... I think it's a problem with the .php scripts that doesn't allow my connection to actually make the connection... so yeah...........
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It's a-live! 
05:25pm 31/05/2005
  The revamped Mandy Kane Website is alive and looking ever so yummy!

(But I do miss that bouncing skeleton! heheh)
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06:30pm 30/05/2005
mood: rushed
What does everyone think of (UK) Hanky Panky?
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11:07am 30/05/2005
mood: creative
THE MANNEQUIN BALL - short film treatment by Tredanse

(Black and white. Dark. Rich tones.)

The intro to the song (wrench noises)
Mandy walks past abandoned department store at night, peers in at the mannequins, look of sadness in his face as his eyes pass over all the mannequins standing in couples.

Music begins with piano/string motif that is repeated throughout the song.
Zoom into window, past all the mannequins, into old-fashioned elevator doors

She lived on the seventeenth floor / above an accessory store
Zoom through dusty cluttered "attic" store room, to lone female mannequin standing by an open window (note: mannequin characters are computer generated, with clothes and wooden faces with porcelain eyes)

She watched the sun rise and then fall / and dressed for the mannequin ball
Close up of her "face" (sad posture), then a mid shot of her in a beautiful evening gown - perhaps resembling a bridal dress

For every night at twelve o'clock / her father would close up his shop
She turns to face elevator, her lover (human) steps out and approaches her

And visit his only true love / And they danced all the night
They embrace and he holds her, moving slowly to the music

And he looked in her eyes of porcelain ice
Close up of the faces - he's obviously sad

And told her that he had to go
At "he had to go" his lips mouth "I have to go"

Over the moonlight where your dreams can't be sold / And you never grow old
He mouths this along with the music, although slightly out of sync so it seems more speech-like than song-like

The repeated piano signature kicks in, and he walks away, looking back over his shoulder before the elevator doors shut on the boomcrash at the end of the chorus.

And after her love disappeared / the mannequin waited for years
Mandy walks along the dusty glass front, singing as he watches the still mannequins. He notices one male mannequin standing alone while all the others are coupled.

She stood by the window alone / and wished for her love to come home
She stands by the window alone, slumping and becoming lifeless again

And although he never returned / no matter how long that she yearned
Silhouette of her lifeless body, as well as shots of the empty department store, not a movement anywhere

She still heard him whisper her name / and she danced all the same
Slow fading montage of female mannequin dancing as the seventeenth floor becomes dustier and older in time

And he looked in her eyes of porcelain ice / and told her that he had to go / over the moonlight / where your dreams can't be sold / and you never grow old
Mandy walks slowly along the store front singing. The lonely male mannequin comes to life and watches him mournfully yet hopefully. The two make eye contact briefly, then Mandy looks away. Cut back to lonely female mannequin as chorus repeats. She droops sadly...

Repeat of piano signature
She was left all alone / looking for love / spent her time carrying the dance (not sure about this lyric..)
The mannequins in the store's ground floor slowly come to life, approach their partners and begin to dance slowly, all in unison. The male mannequin doesnt dance, he just watches Mandy sing. The female mannequin on her floor slumps at the window...

Zither-sounding thing comes in, sad interlude
She turns suddenly - the lights above the elevator come on. The floors begin to light up in turn, up to 17.. she watches, straightening up, and the doors open...

And he looked in her eyes of porcelain ice / and told her that he had to go / over the moonlight / where your dreams can't be sold / and you never grow old
Her lover steps out - but it's not her lover, it's a mannequin who resembles him - same clothes, face, etc. He puts out his hand. She takes it and they begin to dance. They step into the elevator together

Piano/string signature
They emerge on the ground floor and dance into the centre of the ball, lit up somehow so they stand out from all the other couples. The ball progresses. The lonely male moves towards the wall sadly.

And the whole world will fall / for the mannequin ball (repeated)
Mandy sings this, watching the main couple dance, tears in his eyes. Soon his attention turns to the male mannequin. The mannequin lifts his head and gazes out at Mandy. He holds up his wooden hand, palm up, an invitation. Mandy blinks away tears, shakes his head and steps away from the window. The mannequin's hand falters and drops to his side. He stares longingly as Mandy disappears into the night beyond the glass, then turns away..

Repeated piano/string signature until end
As he turns he sees another male mannequin standing beside him - this one resembles Mandy, same clothes, etc. He holds out his hand to the lonely one and slowly they join hands, embrace, then begin to dance. They too are emphasised by the light, and they join the dancing couple in the centre of the ball. As the song ends, the two couples dance in their own worlds of bliss.

The song ends
The sun rises and all the mannequins become lifeless. Light pours into the abandoned store and we see all the couples standing together, our main mannequins holding their respective partners, locked together in happiness forever.
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03:50pm 16/05/2005
mood: excited
Ok Guys... there is MK movement!!

It's been far too long, so we wanted to touch base with you and fill you
in on where MK's at.

First of all, apologies for the length of time the website's been under
construction, but hopefully you'll agree that it will have been worth the
wait. It will be back up by the end of this month, and will feature a new
look (including forums section), new pics and some new merch.

Most importantly, it will coincide with the worldwide on line release of
MK's new single (UK) HANKY PANKY! MK now has his own label - called
Mummy's Boy Records - and in true progressive MK style, the first track
will be released as a digital download. Links to purchase the track will
be on the new website.

As many of you know, we shot an amazing clip which will be serviced to TV
in mid-June. We'll be seeking your help around this time to vote for the
clip and the track on TV and radio, to help cement airplay.

There'll be an 18+ and an all ages launch for the clip & single in
Melbourne too! Dates as follows:

THURSDAY, JUNE 16 - Shake Some Action @ 161 (18+)
FRIDAY, JUNE 17 - EVs (all ages)

Stay tuned for national dates, later this year.

Meanwhile, check out the latest interview and very cute pics on

Thanks again for your patience and ongoing support of MK.


So there you go - get to those gigs - support MK! :D
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09:10pm 28/11/2004
  Just letting anyone around Melbourne know (in case they didn't) that MK is doing a month of shows at the Armadale Hotel...

Where: Armadale Hotel - 1068 High St, Armadale, Melbourne
When: 2, 9, 16, and 23rd of December (ie.. every thursday ;P)
How much? $6 entry ($5 if you recieve and use a Minion flyer! See the news section on mk.com for details about this...)
Age Restrictions? 'Fraid so .. 18+

y'all in melbourne should at least go once... if you can, of course. No pressure.. :)

So.. anyone got anything else MK related to mention...?
01:51pm 28/10/2004
mood: complacent
Well I've made a bit of a background... its now hosted on my upgraded PhotoBucket! (Woot!) so.. yeah...

Anyone thought of anything colour-wise yet? I'm open to all suggestions..

Anyone got anything MK related to talk about? ;D
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07:32pm 26/10/2004
mood: Working...
Ok.... Jaclyn, being the awesome person that she is, has let me have some mod. priviledges for this community...

I'm in the process of re-designing the colour scheme.


The First MK@LJ Community Competition is... (if anyone wants to contribute) to post some comments with the colour design/layout you'd most like on this community... If no one posts anything, I'll just think of something.. well i'll try to think of something decent ;P

Thanks people... maybe this place can be ressurrected?

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